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Mozilla Firefox 3.6.7: 14 Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

Mozilla has recently released Firefox 3.6.7, this release fixes 14 security vulnerabilities in Firefox 3.6.6 and is available for download here.

Most Firefox users have probably been automatically updated already, however if you are unsure open Firefox, click ‘Help’ and click ‘About’, here you should see which version of Firefox is installed, if it is anything but 3.6.7 either check out the download link above of click ‘Help’ and then click ‘Check for Updates’.

Full details regarding the security fixes can be seen here, I won’t bore you with the details, but at least you know that you are less susceptible to hackers and malware.

From what we can see all of the changes are security-based, there may be a few tweaks and performance enhancements, however it is safe to say that there are major new features in this version.

Have you been happy with Firefox 3.6.7 so far? If not, why not?

Source: SecurityProNews



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