Motorola Droid X Vs iPhone 4: Screen Problems and AntennaGate

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, which states reasons why Apple’s problems with the iPhone 4 antenna are not related to Motorola’s recent issues with defective screens on the Droid X handset.

The article comes from the Android Power blog at Computerworld. Users have questioned why the Droid X screen problem, isn’t being treated in the same way as the iPhone 4 AntennaGate Saga – since both problems are considered pretty major.

Computer World states that Motorola and Verizon only took 5 days to respond to the issue and admitted it straight away, while Apple refused to acknowledge the problem until only after 22 days had passed.

Furthermore, Apple still have an ongoing problem with the iPhone 4 signal, while Motorola states that their issue has already been fixed, and also offered customers the option to replace faulty handsets straight away.

Perhaps if Apple had approached the situation in a different way and admitted that they had a problem from the offset, then maybe the media wouldn’t have given them such a hard time over this.

What are your thoughts on both issues? Which one do you think is worse?

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  • Luis

    Their total diferent phones. Droid X scratch prove glass

    3 microphones,8 megapixel camara,takes video in 720 hi def ,has HDMI output to watch your videos or blockbuster movies instandly on you tv in hi def,has free GPS ,talk to tex ,talk to search, swipe keyboard,live wallpapers, unlimited free apps,Hot Spot_you can use your x to hook up

    To five computers to the Net works as a wiresless rauter,flash player 10.1,that means you can watch any video in any web page with out having to go true you tube or any other player . Hoo and everything else the iphone has lol.

  • bdd

    So you got the one that works! Wow!

  • Melissa

    Well I have a Droid X and I love it. I dont carry my iPod no more,my camera and I dont need my laptop at home either. I have not yet had a problem with it.

  • Dave Perry

    Very interesting. All this bunk from the android"ers" and turns out that their premier phone has an antenna issue. I have to say that my iPhone 4 gets better reception than any previous and I am pleased with it's performance.

  • the antenna issues can be an active advantage!!

  • seouleagle

    I have had my iPhone 4 since the end of June and have not had any issues with reception and the antenna. I carry it without a case. In fact, it is the only phone to work in my office, as the signal is very bad in there. The Blackberry Curve and the LG phone I had previous never worked in the office. Now people can get a hold of me on my phone in my office at work. I have not dropped any calls since I have had the phone. This is the first iPhone I have had and am enjoying it. Having this device has allowed me to have only one device in my pocket now. I forward the Blackberry number (work cellular device) and replaced the LG with the phone, and gave my iPod Touch to my daughter. Three devices in my pocket is now down to one.

    I cannot say much about the Droid X but with having so many different type of Android phones, it is difficult. When an Android update comes out, you have to wait for the O/S to be programmed for that specific model of phone. You have an iPhone, only one version of the updated O/S is needed, not many different versions of the same O/S for the array of Android phones out there.