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List of HTC Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Names Revealed

With Windows Phone 7 launching in October this year it is no surprise to hear that HTC will be releasing a fair few compliant devices, we have recently come across a list of codenames for these upcoming smartphones.

This list of codenames was revealed by a Twitter user known as Conflipper, he suggests that there are at least three models under development, these are the HTC Salsa, HTC Swing and HTC Tango (notice the codenames are associated to dancing).

A short while after Conflipper’s original tweet he was keen to state that some of the smartphones could be scrapped, therefore don’t be surprised if we never hear anything more of one or two of these codenames.

Other HTC smartphone codenames were also revealed, however these may not be running Windows Phone 7, these other codenames are the HTC Motion, HTC Maestro, HTC Blitz, HTC and HTC Vienna.

As we find out more about all of these smartphone we will keep you posted, for more information check out the source link below.

Source: IntoMobile



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