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Kinect Xbox 360 Price: More than you think

When Microsoft announced its new Kincet device for the Xbox 360 – all we were worried about was its price. However, we know things are not as clear-cut as just the outlay for the motion-sensing device. As with all new gadgets there has to be a total cost of ownership, and the Kincet is much higher than you think.

Sarah from GV reported that Microsoft sent out an internal document showing the “total cost of ownership” for the Kinect and the new Xbox 360 S compared to rivals the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3. As you would imagine things are a little confusing, so we will try to clear things up for you.

The problem is this, owning one Xbox and a Kinect is great when it is just you and a friend, but what happens when other friends or members of the family want in? That means that you will need to shell out for another console and peripheral.

However, that’s when things get more expensive, as the living room you play in is not big enough to accommodate you all. The only thing left to do is to move into a larger house, then your friends get bored and they realized that the Wii was much more fun and then they leave you all on your own.

I am not making this up, this is what Sarah wrote and she states that she is no PS3 or Wii fan, as you will target them next.


  • niranjan

    i want to buy a new play station is it better 2 by a xbox r play station pls help me and say m de cost also

  • marhorn

    product reviews sucks! kinect is cheaper than having to pay for 4 move controllers! please remove sony's penis from your mouth.

  • oh god

    what a waste of pixels

  • Blahhh

    I want the time it took me to read this dumb story back!


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