iPhone 4 Case Program App: Cases and Bumper

By Peter Chubb - Jul 23, 2010

True to his word, Steve Jobs has now made available to us a choice of cases and a bumper via the iPhone 4 Case Program app. Meaning that you can now get a free case or bumper up until September 30th. The app is simple to use, although they could have made it easier to find, I had to do some searching in order to locate it.

Once I had downloaded the app I then launched it and then clicked continue. I was then asked to input my password; from there I had a choice of different cases and just the black bumper. Looking at the estimated delivery dates they all state 3 to 5 weeks.

The list of cases include: Belkin Shield Micra, Griffin Motif and Reveal, Incase Snap Case, Speck PixelSkin HD and the black Apple bumper. Once I made my choice I was then asked for my Apple ID password once more and then it checked my IMEI number.

Mine has now gone through, so now I just have to wait. I advice you to download the app now and start the process, as we can see Apple servers slowing down soon.

For more details visit Apple

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  • Andrew

    I bought the Griffin Etch from the free app program, have been very please with it, so don't worry. My problem which do I choose when I happy with the one I've got.

  • Paul

    Not a great selection, most of the case are all hard plastic, which are more prone to slipping out of your hands, compared to the few cases with the silicon edges. I got the Griffin Reveal Etch, which unfortunately covers up the Apple logo on the back of the phone – can't win!