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HP Slate Tablet Release: Windows 7 Enterprise

The new on the HP Slate device has been like watching a soap, one moment things are fine, the next it is all off. We now have conformation that the HP Slate is back on again and will run Windows 7 and not webOS – although the tablet will be for enterprise users.

Back at CES 2010 we were told that HP and Windows were working on a tablet device together. However, a few months later we were informed that the development had been scrapped. In a strange twist HP purchased Palm and so we assumed that they would build the Slate but running webOS instead.

This seemed all the more plausible when Windows announced that they were going to go ahead and develop a tablet device, but Hewlett Packard was not going to be one of the vendors.

So the news that the HP Slate running Windows 7 was the latest episode in this long running saga. Nilay Patel from Engadget says that we now await official conformation – we just hope that all the to and throwing has not damaged any possibility of success.



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