Free iPhone 4 Cases: Belkin, Griffin, Incase and Speck

By Peter Chubb - Jul 23, 2010

Following on from our recent story that Apple had now made its iPhone 4 case program live, we thought we would take a closer look at the free cases that the Cupertino company is giving away. We already know about the bumper from Apple, but what of those six cases?

We will look at each case one by one and offer details on them, the best is – they are free. However, you can only have one per customer, so you could even consider purchasing another – well they have to be good if Apple has entered into an agreement with them.

The first case is the Incase Snap Case: Although the company has yet to release many details on this case we can tell you that it will offer protection to the rear and sides of your iPhone 4. We do not know the color range, but looking at the images we expect to see a number of pastels colors. We would like to point out that you will only be able to choose black in the Apple promotion More info here

Next we have the Belkin Shield Micra for iPhone 4: This comes in a choice of three colors, Clear, Black Pearl and Royal Purple. This ultra-thin case is lightweight but offers protection against scratches and dust. Visit Belkin for more details

The Griffin Motif is not exactly the best looking case in the bunch, but we are certain that it will appeal to some. The case is made from a semi-soft TPU and comes with a strange diamond design with a smoked finish. Details thanks to Griffen

There is a second case from Griffin, this time the Griffin Reveal. This is made from one-piece of polycarbonate and comes with an ultra-thin rubber interior – comes in black only. For more details visit the official website

Finally we have two Speck cases, the first is the Speck Fitted. This is made from hard plastic and is a two-piece design with part fabric on the rear. There are 8 fabric choices to choose from, which will be to each owners taste. Image thanks to iLounge

Finally we have the Speck PixelSkin HD, this has a shiny polished back with a cool matte pixel overlay, much like LEGO. This case will certainly help protect your iPhone more. More details from Speck

Update: We understand that a couple of the images were wrong, we have now uploaded the correct images.

You have now seen all six free cases, which one have you chose?

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  • Tina

    I went for the Speck Pixelskin HD and I think it's great.

  • Cindy

    Why couldn't Apple give owners of the IPhone 4 a store credit and let us choose whatever case we want? The choices are so limited and do not include the one I want, the Incase slider. I am so disappointed that Apple can release a product without also making available accessories like cases and camera kits at the time of the phone release. By the time we get the case the phone will be scratched or broken. I hope this release has been a good learning experience for Apple and that they will get it together for the next product release.

  • Guest

    Just got the Belkin Shield Micra from the case program in the mail today…it's absolute garbage, don't waste your choice!

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if they are going to add more cases to the selection or is this it?

  • poolshark021

    The Griffin Reveal phone showed above is different than the one available from free case app. The app shows it as a Griffen Reveal Etch, which does not have a clear back.

  • Pauld14

    What happened to color? Do the Apple people assume we are all color blind and color isn’t important? I have trouble choosing any case they are all so drab.

  • I have liked Belkin in the past and it looks the best of the bunch to me.

    • Also thanks for the article! I was surfing for a while trying to find something like this.

  • CeeMoo

    The speck pixelskin image is not the hd case. The hd case is much thinner looking than that image. The image shows the silicon pixelskin case.

  • The one that I prefer is that amazing iphone 4 bumper from ivyskin

  • GodsKid

    The Belkin Shield Micra above probably does protect against scratches, but I doubt if it protects against starches. My waistline wishes it would help with the startches, though!

    PS Thank you VERY much for putting all the cases on display.

  • GodsKid

    The Belkin Shield Micra above probably does protect against scratches, but I doubt if it protects against starches. My waistline wishes it would help with the startches, though!
    (i.e. slight spellcheck typo above!)

  • guest

    I would like to point out that you accidentally posted a picture of a speck pixelskin case, when it is really a pixelskin HD case that is available. there's a big difference! google pixelskin hd for the correct picture, it is much more slick and refined than the one pictured here.

  • Rocco

    Thats not the pixelskin hd, thats the pixelskin, the pixelskin hd is actually a very nice case, just go to te speck products website

  • Denny

    Too bad they couldn't just offer a plain smooth 2 piece all black fitted option without all the girly purse material design on the back

  • Nate

    First off, the color options for each case mentioned above are not available for the free case program. Only one color (generally black) is made available from Apple. Furthermore, incorrect pictures have been pulled for at least a couple of the products. The picture for the Speck PixelSkin HD case is definitely wrong – the actual case being offered is much more sleek and better looking. I believe the Griffin Motif picture is also incorrect.

  • PDX100

    Your picture of the PixelSkin HD is incorrect. The HD is made from TPU and has smooth edges…. with a much tighter square pattern on the back.

  • ThatSeattleGuy

    Looked at 'em all and ended up choosing the plain Jane Apple black bumper.

    • jay

      is that an option that Apple are offering?