Comic-Con 2010: Green Lantern Game Release

We have known for a while that the Green Lantern is being made into a movie – starring Ryan Reynolds – and we have now had conformation at Comic-Con 2010 that there will be a game to coincide with the cinematic release. The game and movie is due for release in 2011 – although we have yet to be given a specific date.

Jonathan Cordes from Only Kent has learned from Dan Rimkus from Meodia that the game will be fully based on the movie and that it will stay true to the franchise. We hope that the game will be successful – just like Batman: Arkham Asylum was.

Speaking of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the developers have been sharing with attendees of Comic-Con that they plan to expand some of the other characters. This will be great news as the game was so popular and so were a number of its characters. Movie tie-ins with games do not normally work but the Batman game showed that it is possible – we just hope that this is the same with Green Lantern.

I am not certain how popular Green Lantern will be; the problem is its character, as he is not as popular as Batman. The last Batman movie was in the top ten of highest grossed movies of all time – not certain if Green Lantern will be able to replicate that sort of success?

Are you exited over a Green Lantern game?



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