BMW USA Motorcycles Roadside Assistance Service App

By Peter Chubb - Jul 23, 2010

Owners of a BMW Motorrad in the USA know that they are more likely to call the Roadside Assistance service, as their motorcycles are made for all-terrain. These bikes certainly endure a battering, so they might need help from a puncture or something more series. Knowing this BMW Motorrad has a personalized iPhone app just for this.

The app is only available for BMW owners and takes advantage of the three years BMW Motorrad USA Roadside Assistance. The application is free and has been developed with the help of Allstate Roadside Services. Motorrad has a number of features that they can customize themselves, which gives them more control.

There are a number of great features to this app, including compatibility with any Motorrad motorcycle made from 1981 onwards. GPS location will be shared automatically, along with details of the vehicle and direct telephone access, making it easier to respond to a breakdown.

These are just a handful of the key features; those who would like to download the iPhone app can also register up to four motorcycles on one account. For more details visit Clutch and Chrome

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