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Antivir Solution Pro Virus: How to remove

When it comes to our computers they are one of our most prized possessions, which is why there are those out there who make it their goal in life to take it away from us. They will not try and steal it – instead they attack our computers from inside with programs such as the Antivir Solution Pro virus.

This is just the latest virus to attack us and what makes this one worse is the fact that it looks like a normal anti virus program. Do not try and use the program in any way, the best thing you should do is uninstall it.

You might be wondering how the virus came to infect your computer in the first place? This would have happened by visiting an infected website, which then passed on the virus and installed itself on to your computer. Just make certain that you have an up-to-date anti virus or Internet security program installed.

There are six steps in total to remove Antivir Solution Pro, the first step is to close the process down and then proceed to download and install iExplore.exe onto a different computer. For the complete process please visit Free PC Guides


  • carrie

    CAN we get refunded or stop payment?

  • Linda

    This is rogue malware and one nasty Trojan Horse. You can get it from an infected website. I just removed it from my Boss's computer. Best thing is to use Malwarebytes to remove it.

    Since his computer wouldn't run any .exe files or allow IE access, I downloaded Malwarebytes to a Thumb Drive from my computer and then was able to download on his computer in regular mode, then restarted in Safe Mode and ran the full scan in Malwarebytes. It isolated (8) infected files and I deleted them.

    Then in IE, go to tools and connection and deselect the proxy server checkmark in the LAN settings.

    Restart, and you should be fine. 🙂

  • John Henry

    Just follow your instruction by down load iExplore on USB and transfer the file while my labtop is on SafeMode. After I ran the iExplore a few times, it removed the Antivir — that son of bitch and should rot in hell, I mean that whole company's people.
    And thank you for helping out.

  • T Collins

    Just happened to me and I feel like I have been robbed by gun point !! I was away from my computer for about 10 hrs and I came back and it's all locked up with this bs !!!
    I don't know if google had anything to do with it but I uninstalled the program completely off my computer. I am about to try the link- that's everyone for their advice !!

  • ella

    i am avictim to.yesterday i bought antivir solution and now i dont know what to do,how to cancel that

  • anon

    The guide you linked worked. Actually of all of the results on Google, this was the only one that worked. I's because the tip on using iexplore in order to stop the virus process was the only thing that could allow the user to go further in running the necessary anti virus programs.

    I wanted to use the same guide for my desktop (I was hit on both the laptop and desktop). Earlier today this link was on the top of Google's page but, when I went to my desktop and did the same search, it didn't come up. I went through my internet history until I finally found your page and when I went back to see the link on Google… it didn't exist. It's like the link was removed. I'm starting to question a conspiracy because seriously, not a single one of Google's other results are helpful.

  • someone

    ok i bought the antivir solution and it hasnt done anything to protect my computer and i wanted to know a number to refund my money back online

    • Anonymous

      I'd suggest canceling your credit card immediately. You're about to be the victim of identity theft.


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