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Verizon LG Ally: Details Regarding Latest Firmware Update

Today we have some good news for Verizon customers who own the LG Ally, Verizon Wireless are currently rolling out a firmware update, which by the look of it is pretty substantial.

You can find out full details regarding this firmware update here (PDF file), the most notable changes include improved Bluetooth functionality, increased QWERTY keyboard operability and streamlined alert functions.

Some less important changes include better performance within messaging and camera applications, new visual voicemail functionality, synchronization between contact and Facebook profiles and for music lovers there is also an improved Amazon MP3 application.

If you want out to reap the benefits of these improvements you should check out this link, remember to back up all data beforehand just in case.

Have you installed the firmware update? If so, are you happy with it?

Source: MobileBurn



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