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US Broadband Penetration 2010: FCC Report

One day everyone in the United States will hopefully have broadband, this is what the National Broadband Plan is trying to achieve. But a recent report by the FCC itself is stating there is still a long way to go.

In a story on by Donald Melanson via TechDirt, the report which is issued every year says that between 14 and 24 million Americans still have no broadband access. The 200kbps standard that was originally used in the annual report has now been defined by the FCC to be 1Mbps upstream and 4Mbps downstream.

Julius Genachowski FCC chairman said that people that are mostly in “expensive-to-serve areas with low population density,” and that “without substantial reforms to the agency’s universal service programs, these areas will continue to be unserved.” So the FCC is finally admitting in the report that the US broadband market is not doing too well at present.

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