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T-Mobile iPhone 4: Q3 2010 Release Date Likely

When the iPhone 4 was revealed plenty of U.S. carriers revealed that they would be offering Apple’s latest smartphone, however so far only AT&T are offering it, this could all change in Q3 2010.

A recent article posted on SoftSailor suggests that a source from T-Mobile says there is an 80% chance that T-Mobile USA will get the iPhone 4 in Q3 2010, how he derived this figure is hard to say, but it sounds good to me.

If this source is correct it means that the T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 is a maximum of ten weeks away, it will be interesting to see how this affects AT&T.

We would like some feedback on this news, therefore feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section below.

What would be your preference an AT&T iPhone 4 or a T-Mobile USA iPhone 4? Would you wait for another carrier instead? If so, who?

Source: SoftSailor



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