T-Mobile iPhone 4: Q3 2010 Release Date Likely

By Jamie Pert - Jul 22, 2010

When the iPhone 4 was revealed plenty of U.S. carriers revealed that they would be offering Apple’s latest smartphone, however so far only AT&T are offering it, this could all change in Q3 2010.

A recent article posted on SoftSailor suggests that a source from T-Mobile says there is an 80% chance that T-Mobile USA will get the iPhone 4 in Q3 2010, how he derived this figure is hard to say, but it sounds good to me.

If this source is correct it means that the T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 is a maximum of ten weeks away, it will be interesting to see how this affects AT&T.

We would like some feedback on this news, therefore feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section below.

What would be your preference an AT&T iPhone 4 or a T-Mobile USA iPhone 4? Would you wait for another carrier instead? If so, who?

Source: SoftSailor

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  • onlypinky

    well just for all of you who are keeping track yes is 100% that T-Mobile will get the IPhone4 for sure is confirm in there web side but guess what it will be for the UK just like the Xperia X10 and Storm 2 and other awsome devices the get all the time but believe this words it will not happen in the USA, but at least now you have the option to by one in the UK and ship it to the USA and you won't need to unlock it "plug and play" and yes you can do it just like that for those how talk a lot about T-Mobile but actually are Stuck with AT&T's LMAO…

  • You could either be that person who keeps on dreaming for that verizon iPhone 4, or that guy, who's certain about that T-mobile iPhone 4 coming on 2011. http://2su.de/tbG

  • Mikey Jones

    T Mobile's network is the most compatible network since they both use SIM cards with GSM so it makes the most sense. Why would they go to Verison or Sprint?

  • Quicksilver

    I'll believe it when I see it. These rumors have been floating around for a long time.