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Sony PS3 Netflix: Disc-Free Application Update

We have some good news for those of you who regularly use Netflix discs on your Playstation 3 console, as we have details on a forthcoming update to the service, which will enable you to watch Netflix movies without the need for a disc.

As reported from Joystiq, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed that by the end of October, Netlflix will no longer require a disc for usage, instead the PS3 will be updated with a native Netflix app on the XMB.

Here is what Hastings had to say on the matter: “Before our next [earnings] call in October, we expect to be launching a major new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn’t require a disc, and is dynamically updated continuously with the latest Netflix UI improvements.”

Great news then. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu – the PS3 really does do everything it seems? Let us know your thoughts on the Netflix update. Will this make you subscribe?


  • carmensandiego

    u dont need to put credit card to sign up for a psn account

  • Brennan

    Amid all the hoopla about the new PS3 Neflix app, there are two aspects that are conveniently not mentioned: 1) you can no longer use the disc even if you want to, and 2) in order to get Netflix streaming through the app (now required) you must also sign up for and sign in to a Sony Playstation Network account, which means giving them your credit card and other info about you. Therefore in addition to Netflix itself, Sony is now tracking exactly what you are watching on Netflix–a potential goldmine of info for them. Funny, they didn’t exactly ask my permission to do so.

    I have small kids at home and do want them to have to be signed onto the Sony network in order to watch Netflix content. The fact that Sony/Netflix did not provide a way to opt out of this arrangement is a big deal-breaker for me!

    The Netflix app is also not without its own problems. There are frequent delays establishing a connection, much longer than with the disc, and the streaming connection is dropped often enough to be a nuisance. It has also completely frozen up a couple times, requiring a shutdown and restart of the entire system. It’s not quite ready for primetime.

  • Brian

    The PS3 is probably the best all around piece of home electronics I have ever purchased. The fact that 2 years after I bought it, I still get new functionality rolled out on it and it has yet to choke is a testament to how well it was designed.

  • Wes

    Ah, PS3. You just keep getting better and better. Now if only the powers-that-be at Sony would install a native media server on the XMB I'd be 100% satisfied!

  • Emeka

    If only people know what PS3 can do; PS3 is the only platform that can actually serve as Blu Ray, DVD, CD, player; it is also the best audio music player on earth because it can play your digital audio at 7.1 channel, including your movies with native 5.1 video.

    I have 3 PS3 at home; one for the kids, one for the living room entertainment system (no gaming) and the other for my study private system. The PS3 is probably the only thing that Sony has gotten right lately.


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