Motorola Droid X Rooted: Custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROM coming?

By Alan Ng - Jul 22, 2010

Now that the Motorola Droid X has been fully rooted, it now opens up the handset to many possibilities. The one thing that comes to mind now is a custom Android 2.2 Froyo build. Do you think it will happen or not?

For those of you are unaware, the entire system files of the Motorola Droid X are now completely accessible to the user, which means that apps and other commands can be executed on the device which was previously locked before.

The same thing happened to the HTC EVO and Droid Incredible after root, as custom ROMs allowed developers to add new features such as HD video recording or some applications that wouldn’t normally appear on the phone.

Since the Droid X has been rooted, I imagine that the first thing to release will be some sort of custom firmware for the phone. What would you like to enable on the Droid X? The 1GHz processor is crying out for some attention, so let’s hope developers get creative.

Let us know your ideas.

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  • You talked about a few curious things in this posting. I came across this article by searching Google and I’ve got to admit that I am now subscribed for your blog site, it is quite great 😉

  • Hey guys,

    I am not “new” persay to the whole idea of rooting; however can someone please explain to me what it would do to my droid x if I did root it? I went to “free” tether my Ipad the other day and encountered the dreaded Verizon you will have to pay $20 bucks a month if you want to “free” tether your device…seems like a bunch of B.S. to me…what do you guys think? Please don’t yell at me or call me stupid….my fragile state can’t handle that right now (my husband left after a 14 yr marriage and i just had my 55th surgery after having a motorcycle accident…) Thanks guys! 😛

  • Last Visit Here

    I am embarrassed for Alan Ng's parents. They've produced an ignorant blog clicktroll as offspring.

    Rooted does not mean bootloader access. Your article was written fundamentally misunderstanding the difference. I bet you're the type to mix up "jailbroken" and "unlocked," too.

    So… not only are you adding to confusion, but you're not adding ANY additional information or new ideas.

    Speculate less, and leave the writing about technology to the big boys, OK? Thanks.

  • wasted

    what a waste of google results. to root or not to root.

  • jeff

    What a stupid article. I like how he made the title miss leading just to get clicks

  • Mark

    Alan Ng, you are a failure. The bootloader hasn’t been cracked, you idiot.

  • Then why even root the phone?

    • Bsteenson

      Not as much reason to as when the bootloader is cracked, still rooting opens up rooted apps like Titanium for backup, free tethering, the ability to get rid of bloatware, etc.

    • JPG

      Are you kidding? Of course you aren't… the fact that you would openly ask that question means you should probably spend time reading more and typing less… or donate your droid devices to the community where they can be appreciated.

      • notme

        @JPG – sorry we can’t all be the great and power Android god you are! I guess you’ve never had a question about anything, ever. Just came crawling out of the womb with all of the knowledge of the universe!

        Wow, you must me an awesome person! :-/

  • beast

    This still doesn't quite kill off all the FUD regarding the bootloader. We're talking root access, not custom ROMs just yet

  • asdf

    No, because the bootloader is still locked.