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Motorola Droid X Problems: Poor WiFi Connection?

We have yet more problems for the Motorola Droid X to share with you now, as it has been reported that some users are experiencing weak WiFi connections when using their Droid X with a router.

According to this report from BGR, the problem is not thought to be widespread at the moment, as it appears to be only affecting a small group of handset owners.

Furthermore, it looks as if a few possible fixes to the problem have also been found. These include changing the encryption from AES to TKIP, which will help to increase your WiFi signal, while a further router setting change to 802.11g instead of 802.11n will also help you.

Firstly, let us know if you have been experiencing this problem or not. If so, give the above steps a try and see if it helps for you. You can keep track of the latest updates on this issue over at DroidForums.



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