Microsoft Kinect: Price drop in 2011?

By Gary Johnson - Jul 22, 2010

We reported to you a couple of days ago the Microsoft official UK price for its Kinect was £129.99, and then we asked if it was a price you our readers was willing to pay at launch or wait until the price might come down? We can report that speculation of this happening are already beginning. is reporting that Rod Cousens CEO of Codemasters thinks a price drop could happen early next year. He speculates that Microsoft will sell a lot of units during Q4 despite the launch price of the device.

He went on to say “The price point will doubtless have been researched and influenced by the timing of release and the anticipated achievable volume from the Xbox 360 devotees who will want to be first in line for the latest offering.”

He continued by saying “Microsoft will be confident about selling all it can make this year. Thereafter, it will be interesting to see if there is rapid downward price migration early on in 2011.”

With the possibility of Microsoft dropping the bundled game he added “By bundling with a game [Kinect Adventures], it implies a standalone price target of sub-£100 – which is where Kinect will need to be if it is to attract mass and establish itself as a platform.”

Will this news decide for you about when to purchase?

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