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Megaman Universe (MMU): PS3 / Xbox 360 Get Mega Man

Megaman Universe (MMU) is a classic game from Capcom and is set to make a comeback, as it has been announced that it will be making the transition over to the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3. The games have been around for some 22 years, and putting this classic onto these games consoles will help stir the emotions of thousands of blokes around the world.

Megaman made his debut back in 1987 – I was just leaving school then – and have since seen 140 different titles. The game has become so much more with the launch of cartoons, toys and other merchandise. What made the game appeal to most, was how easy and addictive its gameplay was.

Camcom believes that for Mega Man to still remain relevant today a push is needed, and that is where the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 comes in. According to Kenji Inafune from Capcom he believes that Mega Man Universe will be the best title from the franchise yet and will show that a great deal of imagination has gone into its development.

Capcom fans will expect great things from this new game, we just hope that it is not all hype and the fans will not get let down. For more details visit Capcom. We recently reported that the developer would be a no show at Gamescom 2010.

Watch the Mega Man Universe Trailer Awesomeness below



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