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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: List of New Characters – Your Additions?

Following on from the exciting video which showed off some brand new characters for the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom 3 game, we want to know who you would like to see added to that list.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the new video, you can watch it again here. I have to say that Capcom and Marvel are really teasing us with the gradual roll out of new fighters for the game, but I suppose it keeps things exciting for fans.

What did you make of the new characters that were introduced? I wasn’t surprised about the inclusion of Chun-Li and Dr.Doom, but I didn’t expect Super Skrull and Trish from Devil May Cry. Since the developers are willing to go that far into their respective universes, perhaps we’ll see some other surprises down the line.

I’d like to see Blade added, as well as Carnage and Charlie as mentioned in our ongoing Character Wish List thread. Let us know your thoughts on the new characters and who they should add next.



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