iPhone iOS 4.0.1/4.1 Jailbreak: New Ra1n tool from Geohot?

By Alan Ng - Jul 22, 2010

You may have read the news last week that infamous iPhone hacker Geohot was set to retire from the jailbreaking scene, after announcing it on his blog website. However, we have some juicy information that reveals that he may be preparing to go out with a bang.

As reported from RedmondPie, Geohot revealed to fans that they should now visit and follow his friend Mike Cohen on Twitter, for all the latest updates involving jailbreaks.

A recent tweet by Cohen has teased that Geohot may be preparing to release a new ‘Ra1n’ tool for the iPhone 4, before he finally departs the scene for good. The tweet in question reads:

”What’s a good time to make it ra1n?”

Geohot did reveal that he would probably say more of a ‘formal goodbye’, so I’m guessing that his statement and this recent tweet are connected.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any ideas?

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  • rossroel

    keep up the good work geohot… why everyone are so mad with geohot… i dont see the reason… what geohot do is to give us alternative way to jailbreak and unlock the iphones… be thankful to geohot you all guyz.. those saying they can jailbreak and unlock yet all just freaking works and not do anything… shame on you… cheers to geohot.. little talk, more work, accomplished work thats what geohot is… thanks geohot…

  • @csglinux i dont think any of you underatand the whole jailbreaking scene.

    the reason hes doing this is because dumbass people keep opening their mouth trying to be cool, pretending they made the jailbreak, and people making fakes.
    if you would all chill and let the media portion calm you will be much happier! 😛

  • csglinux

    Did nobody bother to read the later comment from Geohot that the image of Cydia on the iPhone 4 he posted was a fake?! There's no evidence of any new jailbreaks from Geohot since 3.1.2 – and even that was limited to tethered jailbreaks on the newer bootrom devices. I think he's upset that the dev team are whipping his butt right now 😉

  • Lurker

    Good job stelios….


    The biggest idiot is Mr Jobs himself ^^

  • BevlaCrew

    I am so glad to see others think he's a whiney little prick too! and not just me.
    I have posted on another forum and thought I was the only one there with that view…..
    Get a HTC phone, you wont regret it. It does everything the iPhone does, except you don't need to depend on a shitty app like iTunes, and you wont have to wait years for it to sync, and you wont need to wait for little prick boy to release some software that you shouldn't really need anyway if you'd have spent money more wisely on an open handset….

    F O and Die, Apple.

    • STFU

      umm you're a little lost, no one wants your shitty htc phone

  • Stelios

    You guys are all dicks !! The guy is a genius and doesn't owe you anything . Your personal attacks on Geo are unwarranted and unforgivable . My 3gs has been locked since February due to my mistake not Geo's . If he releases fine if not I cannot blame him for my mistake . Idiots all of you

  • VoiceY

    If you guys buy your phones based on something that is free that is your own fault.
    The coders continually tell everyone not to update until they verify it is safe to do so.
    It never fails the same people "accidentally" update their phone. There is no guarantee
    on something that is FREE, or try at your own risk.

    You are the ones whining, and crying not the coders.

  • frank

    when will the ious 4.0 / 4.0.1 come the fuck out i need to jailbreak my 3gs for fuck sakes if u got the jailbreak release it fags dont wait 2 fucken years..

  • VoiceZ

    Those were my initial thoughts too Jay. And eventually statements he made as a child might come back tohaunt him. After all, the jailbreak IS what gave him and other hackers like the DevTeam their fame and glory. What were they without it?

  • Jay

    Of course he'll release it. He wants more fame and for everybody to love him for a bit until he starts to become a prick again and have a reason to leave "I gave them what they wanted and they still bitched, i'm gonna cry and run away". This is exactly what a child would do!