iPhone 4 Case From Griffin: Beats Bumper

By Gary Johnson - Jul 22, 2010

Cases for the iPhone 4 are big news at the moment with the Apple announcement that everyone who currently owns an iPhone 4 will be entitled to a free bumper. We reported earlier about the availability of a free one from Apple.

Kevin Purcell from Notebooks.com has done a detailed review of the new Reveal iPhone 4 Case from Griffin. He starts by saying the new case is what the Apple Bumper case should have been. When he first set eyes on the case he thought it was just an Apple Bumper case rip off, but on closer inspection realized the Reveal has a hard clear plastic shell protecting the back of the phone.

The case protects the edges of the device with a smooth rubber material that will absorb the shock of a drop (he accidently tested this feature). Reception issues are also dealt with by the case, and have the added bonus of the rubber edges keeping the phone from sliding around on the table or in the car.

The reviewer went on to comment that he liked the way certain buttons are covered by the case but are still easy to use. It comes in white and black and can be bought direct from Griffin for $24.99 but can be found cheaper online. Use the link to see the full review and more pictures.

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  • Rob

    I do love this case however there is an issue with it. If you take pictures with the case on using the LED flash, the light reflects off of the case and washes out the photo. I emailed Griffin about it and they are working on a fix. Here's the email that they sent me back:

    Unfortunately this has been an issue with all cases that utilize that cutout shape. There was simply no way to know this would be an issue until the iPhone 4 was released and we got a chance to test it.

    As for your case, just hold onto it and the receipt until the last week of July, then, simply email us back. Once the corrected cases get here, we will send you out a replacement.

    We should have the corrected units by then. In the mean time, at least your iPhone 4 will stay protected, and you should be able to take most pictures, as the problem only occurs when using the flash while in low light.

    If you choose to do so, you can use a sharpie to fix the flash issue until we can get a replacement to you.