iPad Wallpapers: 10 for Apple fans

Owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch can now personalize their device by changing their wallpaper since the release of the iOS 4 recently. This new feature really comes into its own when used on the iPad’s lovely big screen.

Amy-Mae Elliott over at has rounded up ten of the best wallpapers currently available for the Apple iPad. The wallpapers look really nice on the devices LED- backlight 9.7-inch screen. The wallpapers need to be sized to 1024×1024 pixels for them to work in both portrait and landscape modes.

Amongst the list are wallpapers containing images that may be familiar to some like the flagship Apple Store in New York, a smart chalk sketch of the Apple logo on the sidewalk, the wallpaper that was originally found on the iPhone with the Finding Nemo theme.

There is even a wallpaper from the team at Gizmodo which has a spinning beach ball which can trick a friend into thinking their iPad has crashed! Use the link above and view the wallpapers for yourself.



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