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HP Printers: OfficePro 8500 For Excellent Hardcopy

When the HP OfficePro 8500 printer was released last year a portion of us thought that paying $399 was a hard pill to swallow, but they did not understand how much printer they were getting for their money. However for all those who did not want to pay that price we can now tell you that this excellent hardcopy printer now costs less than $300.

For those of you who use a printer a lot, then the HP OfficePro 8500 is perfect thanks to its large ink cartridges, and is ideal for the modern day home and business with laptops and desktops with its LAN and wireless connectivity.

The larger ink cartridges are said to offer 1,400 pages of color and 2,200 black and white printing. This is certainly unheard of with inkjet printers and is something more common with laser printers – although the cost per sheet works out to be half the price of the laser version.

Lamont Wood from Information Week has spent some time reviewing the HP OfficePro 8500 printer and concludes that it is perfect for the smaller office or home, but would struggle when demand is high. For more details visit the source link.



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