Horizon Minipak, Hydrofill and Hydrostik: Where to buy?

CES is now far behind us and we are still only seeing products released 6 months after the show. Horizon was one brand that had three products of interest on show; these were the Minipak, Hydrofill, and the Hydrostik. Those who attended have been wondering when and where they will be able to buy these fuel-cell devices, we can now tell you where.

If you visit the company website all the details for you to pre-order are there as well as the prices. According to Darren Murph from Engadget, he was given the heads up from a reader that all three devices will be ready to ship some time next month.

The MiniPAK costs $99.99 and can produce 2W (5V, 400mA. There is a choice of different cables to choose from to help power up devices, such as USB. More details here

The HydroSTIK is the cheapest item of the three, and costs just $9.99. The product looks much like an AA battery. Details on this can be found here.

The final product is the HydroFILL, just hope you have some spare cash, as the device will cost you $499.99, and is a mall-scale home hydrogen station. More details here.

Let us know if you have pre-order any one of these



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