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Halo: Reach Themed Xbox 360 Slim To Be Announced By Microsoft

Microsoft are set to announce another one of its Xbox 360 flavors in the shape of a Halo: Reach themed 360 slim, complete with two controllers, a 250GB hard drive and Halo: Reach graphics.

No official word has yet come from Microsoft themselves, but instead has come from Ars Technica, who say they they were informed by their ‘ever-accurate’ mole.

The console is set to come silver in color, and will also be painted with Halo: Reach graphics. But how much will is cost you say? You are most likely looking around $399.99, but don’t think you can wait until it comes down in price, as this is a limited edition only release.

Check the screenshot in the source below that almost proves the existence of the console.

Source: Ars Technica


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