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Droid X Screen Problems: Is it fixed for you?

It has been a good while since Motorola and Verizon issued their official statement on screen problems for the recently released Droid X smartphone. They told us that the problem had already been fixed, but can you confirm this?

From our point of view, their statement was a bit confusing – this part in particular: ”Motorola has resolved the issue and is continuing to ship the phones”.

Does that mean that when users reboot their phones, the screen problem will be gone for good? Or did they really mean to say, we have fixed the issue and it will be available in a patch udpate shortly. With the iPhone 4 antennagate saga barely over, you would of thought that Motorola and Verizon would be a bit more careful with their choice of wording in their statement.

Are any of you still experiencing this defective / flickering screen problem? We’ll update you when we find out more details on this.


  • Sean Droid X

    I am so glad I found this site. I have a Droid X, and it sometimes has a "mind" of its own, typing or launching apps, the jittery screen going back and forth from the main screen, etc. At first I thought it was I who was doing something incorrectly; when I purchased this phone, I also purchased the clear "screen protectors" and installed one immediately when I got the phone. I have since removed it, as I thought, initially, that the protector was somehow causing these effects. That is not the case. The phone screen goes crazy.

  • DroidX-User

    I bought a Droid X two days ago and I did get the flickering and kind of static on the screen. I was told by Verizon that this happens 1 in 1000 with every of their phones. They tried hard booting and soft booting it but it didnt work. At this point, they are going to replace my phone. I was told that because of high demands, it would take a couple of days but they would try to get it quicker. Will keep you posted with the outcome.

  • Keith

    Is anyone having the problem where the phone types and open whatever it feels like. I wiped the screen off but still not working right

    • Josh

      Im having the same problem. When I try to text it navigates away from that application and starts doing whatever it wants. This is getting VERY old. I went to a Verizon store to have them look at it and all they did was restore the phone to factory settings which hasn't helped at all. They thought it might be an app I downloaded at some point, but even after having it restored to factory settings it continues to do whatever it wants.

  • Paul

    I have had a Droid X from launch day and have no problems.

    This is a machine, It is very well built from my perspective.

    This is an awesome phone, best droid out there, blows iphone away imho.

    My advice, be patient and get a new one. You will not be sorry.

    • Lindsay

      This is my 3rd new one….. It’s getting a little tiring

  • Philip Collins

    The problem is not "fixed." I was told be VZW technical support that I would have to pay for a new phone, and wait until August 3 for a replacement. To make matters worse, I was told that I had to prepay for the new phone, and wait until the acknowledged receipt of the bad phone before I would receive a credit. So, in their eyes, the problem may be "fixed"… I guess those of us with the bad phones are left with a decision to make…

    • Keith

      I was told the exact same thing! I have all the screen problems that have been mentioned but is anyone having the problem of the phone doing what it wants. If I try to type it just keeps clicking whatever it wants. It will also open multiple apps and run whatever. I am thinking it is related to the bad screen but no one has mentioned this problem


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