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Droid X Screen Issues and iPhone Antenna: Brand Play Down’s

We reported the other day that a number of Motorola Droid X owners were complaining over issues with the screen, which is certainly bad news for the smartphone market. Since the launch of the iPhone 4 it has had a problem with its antenna – something that has been the topic of a huge debate on and off the Internet.

Earlier today Alan Ng asked if the screen problems were fixed for you, he discussed how Verizon and Motorola had already issued a fix. The bigger worry from all this is how the likes of Motorola and Apple has been playing down both these issues – they must think that their customers are stupid.

It is not just the phone makers coming up with excuses, it seems that the carriers are playing their part as well. Moto and partners Big Red said that they were aware of the issue – although they do point out that it is a very small problem. Maybe they should try telling that to the customers who spent their hard earned cash on a new Droid X.

As for Apple and the continued problems with its antenna that’s just one big mess. Apple said that it is not a big problem, well I never had hassle with any of my other handsets, but my iPhone 4 is a dud when I hold it like I would any other phone.

Apple as always went defensive and acted likes kids in a playground cussing each other. Steve Jobs decided to bring a few different handsets out and showed how they too lost signal.

The iPhone maker knows that they have done wrong and will now offer a free bumper to all those who have purchased a fourth-generation iPhone. I just do not understand how cell phone makers can get away with the things that they do? Apple knew about this issue just like Toyota did with their Prius – now look how that turned out.

Are you fed up with the excuses from not only the phone makers but the carriers as well?

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  • Vaughn Allen

    I’m writing this on my iphone4 – I can grab my phone in a very awkward grip and make a few bars go down – I can’t imagine actually making a call holding the phone in this fashion (I’m not even sure it’s possible – I can make the bars go down on family member’s Sony Ericson in exactly the same manner (T-Mobile) – I seem to have better reception and fewer dropped calls than I did with my 3GS – why don’t you actually get one and review it? Bet you’ll end up getting one of your own 🙂

  • James Wright

    Don’t even try to compare the droid’s problem with the Iphones. I knew someone was just waiting to jump on that one. First of all, a very small percentage of droid phones are effected compared to every single Iphone. Face it, Iphone’s reign is over.

  • Lovethelanguage

    I'm not fed up w/the iPhone, and Jobs presented data indicating it's basically the same, antenna performance-wise, as other smartphones. Antennagate was largely a media-driven event, so what I *am* tired of is the new age of "everyone's a journalist", regardless of their qualifications.


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