Droid X Screen Flicker Problem: Verizon Exchanging Devices

By Jamie Pert - Jul 22, 2010

Last week the Motorola Droid X finally became available from Verizon Wireless, on the whole things went smoothly, however a small percentage of customers received devices with a screen flickering problem.

If you are one of these affected customers we have some good news for you, both Verizon and Motorola are on the case, if you head down to your local Verizon store they should swap out faulty units without two many questions asked.

Obviously Verizon are obliged to do this within 30 days of your contract, however it is good to hear that Verizon are more than happy to help out troubled customers.

We would like to hear of your experiences, therefore let us know if you swapped out your fauly Droid X at your local Verizon store, if so was it hassle free? Are you happy with Verizon’s customer support?

Source: IntoMobile

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