Droid X: Battery Life Tips – Don’t Use WiFi Hotspot Feature

By Jamie Pert - Jul 22, 2010

So far the Droid X has received pretty impressive reviews, however there have been some complaints regarding battery life, especially when configuring the smartphone as a WiFi hotspot.

The problem is that high-end smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, the high-performance components require more power, therefore the Droid X’s 8 megapixel camera, 1GHz processor and built-in WiFi results in power draining more and more rapidly.

A recent article posted on ZNew24 looks into the handset’s WiFi hotspot functionality, this functionality basically allows you to use the Droid X as a modem/router, you can then connect wirelessly to your Droid X’s internet connection from laptops or PCs.

ZNews24 suggest that this feature noticeably drains the Droid X’s battery life, therefore my recommendation is to only use this feature when you are desperate, or perhaps make sure you carry your charger around with you at all times. There is a chance that this battery consumption will be improved when a firmware update is released, lets hope so.

Source: ZNews24

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  • mark

    I was recently in a hotel where the wireless signal was ridiculously bad. I plugged my DroidX into an AC outlet and used the WiFi hotspot feature. Worked great for days. The battery will obviously drain fast, so use with ext. power, if available. Otherwise, expect short batt life.

  • shawn

    I don’t care what anybody says i had at least one of every blackberry. Friends have iphones and hate me for my droid x. Nintendo say i can’t droid x my wii. Wifi great. Its been 2 years but im finally. Happy with the cell phone i have droid is so far above. The competition.

  • keaweahe

    the battery on this phone is great when its not running big apps. i always keep a charger w me though. highly recommend this phone

  • Cale

    Just buy one of those little solar panels that are made to charge phones while your using the hotspot feature. Free energy for your droid! I would only use that feature if I was out in the backwoods somewhere anyway, so a solar panel would come in handy.

  • I think the droid x is really much better than an iphone because of its open source developement and also easier to unlock.

  • guest

    Just for the sake of comparison, a similarly featured MiFi device that broadcasts a wifi hotspot can last for about 3 hours. Now, the Droid X is not just a standalone wifi hotspot device. It is a fully featured smartphone, with an additional WiFi hotspot feature. The battery life on the Droid X is nothing short of amazing.

    This feature is naturally expected to be a battery hog, no issues here. Get an extra/extended battery if you're planning to use this feature frequently.

    I have a Nexus One which has the WiFi hotspot feature as well. I usually use it for my laptop whenever my ISP goes down. All I have to do is sit my Nexus One on the desktop dock and activate the hotspot feature, no battery worries here.

  • guest

    Uh, did anybody think this would *not* be a battery hog?

  • guest

    just plug it in to the USB and charge it while using the hot spot feature.

  • Wadood

    This is bad news. It is one killer feature which iPhone does not have and Sprint EVO has but comes at a much higher price tag.