Batman 3 IMAX: Do you want new movie in 3D?

We have some exciting news for fans of the revamped Batman movie franchise now, as we are hearing reports that director Christopher Nolan might be exploring the possibility of 3D IMAX technology for the upcoming Batman 3 movie.

As reported from Gather, Batman 3 is yet to start filming, but that hasn’t stopped the director and senior cinematographer Wally Pfister talking about possible ideas for the film.

It is no secret that IMAX technology is a big seller – largely thanks to Avatar. If Batman 3 were to release in IMAX, than you can bet that the movie will break all kinds of box office records – but does the movie really need it?

The Dark Knight was an amazing movie, without the needs for any 3D enhancements. If Batman 3 were to release in IMAX, would it ruin the experience for you or not?

I know I wouldn’t like the next movie to be turned into some big overhyped IMAX movie, especially since Dark Knight was so good. If IMAX comes in, I hope that they keep the dark and sinister roots of the second film.

Let us know your thoughts on this.



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