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10 iPhone 4 Cases Available Today

Who would have thought that the most important thing needed for your new iPhone 4 was a case, and it is not just for looks or protection either. Apple confirmed to us that there was an issue with the external antenna so a bumper was needed to stop the loss of signal, but as there are none available yet customers have been searching high and low for cases.

We thought we would see what cases were available today, and came across Appmodo who has listed 10 of what they think are the best. We are still not certain when Apple will make the free bumpers available, so you had best get a nice case until Apple can stock pile enough for the mass giveaway.

The first case is SportGrip Edge for iPhone 4: This product is a perfect replacement for the bumper and cost less than $20, so well worth wasting that money for a short time so that you are able to make calls without holding the phone in a strange way.

The next one on the list is Case-Mate iPhone 4 Cases: prices range from $14.99 to $34.99 and have been made to the highest quality. The case is made from rubber – so offers great protection if you accidently drop your iPhone 4.

One of my favorites has to be the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Cases; measuring just 1mm think it does not hide the beautiful shape of the iPhone 4. There are a choice of different colors and costs just $24.99.

For more details on these and the other seven, then visit the source link above.



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