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Xbox 360 Kinect: PR Asks – Definite Buy or Too Expensive?

Following on from the official confirmations of Microsoft’s Kinect pricing in both the UK and US, we would like to get some more feedback from you regarding this. How many of you are still willing to buy this at the retail price and how many of you have now decided not to?

We can definitely predict that there will be two divides over this. Last year, there had been continuous speculation that Kinect may come in at around $50-80, but it turns out that price was a bit of an understatement.

From a realistic point of view, $149 is quite expensive, I mean I still get frustrated parting with cash for retail games, so $149 is hardly going to fill me with excitement is it?

As always though, there will be the hardcore crowd and nothing is going to stop them from getting the new hardware on launch day, even if it is overpriced. Microsoft states that the $150 price isn’t a lot, since you get a $50 Kinect game with it worth $50, but what do you think?

Are you now planning to wait for a price drop, or are you just gonna say ‘what the hell’ and get it anyway? Let us know your thoughts on this 360 owners.


  • Blitz

    Kinect is new tech, but it does not have any games I want to play. Maybe in a couple years developers will have something creative to go with the tech. but given the list of release titles and soon to be released not interested. I will watch and wait, if they start putting out good games to go with it maybe I will get interested.

  • Brian

    You actually don't have a choice really, innovation is going to happen whether you like it or not.
    The tech that Kinect is using is being tested, improved and implemented as we speak. It's being used in vehicles, home appliances, bio-labs,.. etc.
    Support your Art Form!!! From a HARDCORE GAMER – Thank you Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega and Atari for all the innovation and I'll keep supporting you guys for life!!!
    Kinect is just an addition to what Xbox 360 already has. We still have the controller to possibly be intergrated in software and triple A games are on the horizon. Blu-Ray Players were $1k U.S now their less than $100 U.S
    Personally I don't want nobody telling me how bad or good something is until I try it out myself. Nov. 4th – I'll tell you all about it!!! lol

  • Brian

    30 yrs. ago – There was a gaming system with 1 button and a stick as a controller
    20 yrs. ago – There was a gaming system with 8 buttons and a D-pad as a controller
    10 yrs. ago – There was a gaming system with 10 buttons, a D-pad and 2 analog pads as
    a controller
    Today – There hasn't been much change, games have advanced and by limiting ourselves by interface. What would be the point of having the next generation of consoles
    If Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and whoever do not succeed in innovation who will? The nay-sayers or haters won't succeed either because there won't be nothing to talk about?

  • SAM

    Why is the kinect double the price in the UK ?
    compared to USA


  • Ben

    If it was around £80, I would pre-order it.

    I definitely will NOT pre-order it if the cost is £129.99.

    I will wait for a price-drop, and only buy it then if there are some “proper” games.

    I am shocked and disappointed to see that Kinect is currently te #1 bestseller (in video games) on – even though it is priced at £149.99.

  • $149 is an acceptable price for the Xbox 360 Kinect device. Kinect falls in the same price category as the band kits that have hit the market, which have sold in the millions of units.

    For instance, the band kit 'Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift' on Amazon is priced as follows: Playstation 3, $149.99; Xbox 360, $99.00; Wii, $159.99; and Playstation 2, $148.14.

    The band kits are limited to one genre (sometimes one game)…the music genre. But with Kinect, it's a multi-genre device breaking the limitations of only one genre/game. Developers can exercise their creative talents and freedom with Kinect just as with Move and Wii motion controllers.

    I've been gaming for 20 years, the PAD works best for me…I've no interest buying Kinect and/or Move (I own and game on X360, PS3 and PC)

    So, is Kinect a Definite Buy or Too Expensive? It really depends what sort of gamer you are. But as stated, I think the price is right though I don't see the core/enthusiast investing in the device until Kinect hardcore games come to market.

  • The game shouldnt even be worth 50 bucks, they should all be combined and sold with the kinnect. Those games all look like crap, im not buying this thing until its price is lowered and the games are actual games.

  • Josh

    I feel Dis-kinnected

  • djsafl

    I only wanted kinnect- not some dumb kiddie game, so no kinnect for me.


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