Xbox 360 Kinect: PR Asks – Definite Buy or Too Expensive?

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2010

Following on from the official confirmations of Microsoft’s Kinect pricing in both the UK and US, we would like to get some more feedback from you regarding this. How many of you are still willing to buy this at the retail price and how many of you have now decided not to?

We can definitely predict that there will be two divides over this. Last year, there had been continuous speculation that Kinect may come in at around $50-80, but it turns out that price was a bit of an understatement.

From a realistic point of view, $149 is quite expensive, I mean I still get frustrated parting with cash for retail games, so $149 is hardly going to fill me with excitement is it?

As always though, there will be the hardcore crowd and nothing is going to stop them from getting the new hardware on launch day, even if it is overpriced. Microsoft states that the $150 price isn’t a lot, since you get a $50 Kinect game with it worth $50, but what do you think?

Are you now planning to wait for a price drop, or are you just gonna say ‘what the hell’ and get it anyway? Let us know your thoughts on this 360 owners.

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