White iPhone 4: Advantages to release date delay

By Gary Johnson - Jul 21, 2010

With the white iPhone 4 finally expected to be released at the end of this month, after the delay thought to be due to some manufacturing problems we reported on recently. Some are suggesting the delay could be a blessing in disguise for Apple.

Beatweek.com is commenting that the delay could take the heat of Apple with the much publicized iPhone 4 issues. So far iPhone 4 owners have been mostly happy with the phone as much less units are being returned compared to the 3GS, while all the headlines have concentrated on the user’s who have had issues.

With the upcoming launch of the white model the site is suggesting that when the handset starts to hit the stores the news will bring an end to the “iPhone 4 antenna” headlines. Some people have already suggested the white model was delayed to have all the razzmatazz of a second iPhone 4 launch.

What do you think will Apple have any advantages with the delay of the white iPhone 4?

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