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T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G Network Dominance over LTE and WiMAX

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network is certainly showing its dominance when it comes to 4G speeds, but let us not forget that the service is still slower that LTE and WiMax. However, we still have to point out the achievements T-Mobile has made by offering an increase in speed for 16 devices on the carrier.

According to Time Stevens from Engadget, the super-fast mobile broadband network is now available for over 85 million T-Mobile customers in the U.S., which shows that there is still some life left in HSPA yet. We cannot be certain how long this will stay like it, especially as Verizon has already started to make their move to LTE, following the latest news that the 4G LTE SIM has been spotted.

Increasing the rollout is important to not only T-Mobile but other carriers as well – although it is the former leading that charge. As more and more smartphones are released onto the market with all the latest social features, HD video uploading and more, the need for faster and reliable mobile broadband has to be the top of any carrier’s agenda.

The 4G market is about to heat up, Sprint currently dominates this market, but this will all change once Verizon starts its push – with AT&T and T-Mobile not that far behind.



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