Sony PSP 2 Release Date Delays: Features leaked

By Peter Chubb - Jul 21, 2010

With so many rumors doing the rounds on the Internet it is hard to believe that the Sony PSP 2 will not make an appearance before the holiday season. We have learned of a few features that will be packed into the rumored PSP2, and one is particular is said to be the reason behind delays in its release date.

We have to take what we are about to report at face value, Charlie Demerjian from Semi Accurate reported a week ago that Nvidia’s Tegra 2 will power the rumored PlayStation Portable 2 and that it will make an appearance at CES 2011. If this is true, then it goes against most of the other rumors that it will be released late this year.

It is also being reported that the handheld will see a few of its spec features downgraded, but only time will tell if this is true. The reason why the Tegra 2 could cause delays is due to the fact that it is not a simple CPU to make, and takes much longer to manufacturer.

We do not know much more, but we did recently ask what OS would you like to see running on the new Sony portable gaming device? Well, that is if it is a PSP 2 Phone.

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