Sex Addict Facebook: Clive Worth – Social Media Menace?

We have an interesting report for you to read now, as it has been revealed that Clive Worth, a 60 year-old man has been banned from Facebook more than once, after connecting with women using the social networking website.

As reported from Huffington Post, Clive Worth has made the self-admission that he has met and “bedded” around 1,500 women that he met online on various websites. Out of the 1,500, Worth admitted that 300 of them were found using Facebook.

He believes that this is the reason why the social-networking website has banned him, as they don’t want to promote this kind of behaviour in case other users follow.

Worth is now on his fifth Facebook account, under a new name and identity. He has stated that he plans to continue dating online until he is 80 years old – what are your thoughts on this?

Read the full story over at Huffington Post, we’ll have an update for you later on this.



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