Samsung Epic 4G: Sprint Release Date Rumors from FCC

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2010

We have some fresh details for those of you planning to pick up the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S, as the device known as the ‘Epic 4G’ has appeared on the FCC website – you know what that means.

As reported from Engadget, the Epic 4G’s appearance on the FCC usually means that a release date is just around the corner. The device was shown by its model name, the SPH-D700.

The listing also confirms that the Epic 4G will be Sprint’s second WiMAX capable handset after the EVO 4G. Aside from WiMax, the handset will also be compatible with Cellular/PCS CDMA/EvDO and also Bluetooth and WLAN.

Are you considering picking up the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint? There is a promo video below for you to watch.

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  • william highland jr,

    i have a new Samsung Epic 4g and i have had nothing but problems with it. I purchased my wife a HTC Evo and she has had absolutely no problems. An even worse is the Sprint service I recieved, they think every problem is operator error. I am going to sell this phone an get me an EVO. I should not have had problems with a phone that is 2 weeks old. I should not have to power the phone off 2 or 3 times a day or do constant battery pull for the phone to function. Then I have to listen to Sprint Customer Service tell me it is a great phone and my wife's phone is operating GREAT in the sme location W/O all the phone drama.

  • Today I was in search of an EVO and called every Sprint store within 50 miles, and NONE. They all gave me different scenerios as to when to expect it.

    The last guy told me that they aren't expecting any until after the release of the Epic in September. Either way I want the darn phone lol

  • Kevon

    I heard aug 11th was the release date…i hope this is true if been saving up for weeks for this!

  • not_a_samsung_lover

    Samsungs have ENDLESS problems. Every Samsung I've owned and the majority of those I've sold have major problems that I haven't experienced with LG, Denso, and Sanyo phones I've owned. The only two worse brands in my opinion are Motorola and Ericsson/Sony.

    Despite the problems I've experienced with Samsung, I still can't wait for this one to come out. I'm gonna take a risk on it because the feature set (and display) seems amazing!

  • @whoever_said_Samsung_Sucked

    I dont know what you are saying but 75% of the “best” phone (iphone) is made by samsung. IF samsung sucks… I wouldnt like to be 65% of the people who own an iphone. I love Samsung, Style Grace and EFFIN BAD ASS!

  • ErmacX73

    i wish i can get dis phone but im stuck wit dis blackberry pearl 8330

  • Alan

    Samsung suck ya all. have fun with it.

  • When I talked to a sprint sales person they said mid to late august timed with the back to school time frame.

  • Supporter

    Word I got from sprint store is possible release date by middle of Aug.

  • Porcelain_Frog

    I was thinking exactly along the same lines as you regarding FCC approval and actual release date. I Googled the EVO FCC approval date and the earliest article I found was May 8, 2010. The Evo launched on June 4th. Assuming the Epic follows the same road I am placing my bets around mid August. I hope I'm wrong and it beats my best best estimation by weeks though. I can't wait for it myself.

    • Dave K

      I just found the same data (roughly): Evo was listed on the FCC web site on May 7th (or so) and released on June 4th. Based on that (just shy of 1 month to package and ship the thing)… I come up with Aug. 18th for Epic (based on a July 21 FCC list). But it's inherently risky to correlate based on one data point. So, there's no telling.

  • ninagosaimas

    Been waiting this phone since it was still called as Galaxy S. Samsung Epic 4G Updates.

    Hopefully, it'll have a front-facing camera as well.

    • Sprintadvocate

      it has a vga front facing camera as well as a 5.0mpxl on back!

      • Teresa

        I just came from a Sprint store, where I was about to trade in my Pre for an Evo or Samsung Intercept – the sales person told me about the Epic and said out sometime around Aug 15.
        FYI – Pre is the ONLY phone that does not do reverse sync so I can not back up my contacts to my desktop and my calendar will not migrate with me because of this. Very bad flaw.

  • I am certainly waiting on one — ditching the Iphone and all the dropped calls and blank spots. To compensate for the lack of GSM I will just get another phone for when I am in the Caribbean and Europe. I just hope they do not let me wait too long. It is the front facing camera and the physical keyboard that got me… their 4G service is still spotty so I could care less about that.

  • Dave K

    Hi all,

    Based on past releases (think EVO), how long typically is it between when we see something appear on the FCC web page and when a phone gets released? It'd be nice to know if we're talking hours, days, or weeks…

  • ramana

    ya….can u let me know , how much would epic4g be priced at
    ..its really looking beautiful with excelllent features