Motorola Droid X: Shipping Delay Update – New Release Date

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2010

We have some important details for those of you still trying to pick up a Motorola Droid X handset from Verizon now, as the carrier has just updated their website with a new shipping date for online orders.

As reported from Phandroid, we previously told you that the Droid X would be shipped by Friday July 23rd. Unfortunately, Verizon has delayed this date further, and have informed everyone that the Droid X will now be shipping on August 3rd.

This backs up our report yesterday which displayed a list of Verizon stores across the US that had already sold out of their initial Droid X inventory.

We know that a lot of you are trying to get your hands on the impressive Droid X, so these constant date revisions must be frustrating. We’ll let you know if the situation changes.

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  • Tyler

    ordered it when the ship date posted was Aug 23rd, and now its up to Aug 30th. Everyday I check the date is pushed up at least a day or two, its ridiculous…

  • ritgrad83

    I ordered on last week when the ship date posted was Aug 18th – now it is pushed back to August 22nd

  • Ryan

    They won't be shipping August 3rd, they will be shipping by August 3rd. Semantics, bro.

  • Walt

    I ordered two Droid X phones on the 21st when it was saying that the ship date would be 8/3. My wife and I did not mind the wait we were looking at. Anyhow, I just got an automated e-mail from Verizon that our order has been shipped today via FedEx and is expected to be delivered on the 28th! Yay…we are so happy!

  • ken

    Verizon confirmed a ship date of 7/27 on an order placed 7/17. Original promise date was 7/23…

  • Guest

    When I bought my Droid X on the 17th, the Verizon peeps said that in spite of the posted shipping date (July 23rd at the time) that they had ordered some in the store and they had arrived the next day. That being said, today is the 21st, and mine still has not arrived. : (