Kinect for Xbox 360: Room Size / Distance Requirements

By Jamie Pert - Jul 21, 2010

If you are looking to buy Kinect for Xbox 360 we have some important information for you, especially if you plan to use Kinect in a relatively small room.

According to Amazon’s Kinect pre-order page the Kinect sensor will require six feet between you and your TV, this will no doubt result in plenty of potential consumers being unable to use Kinect in their current environment.

A lot of our younger gamers were probably planning to set up Kinect in their bedroom, if your bedroom was anything like my bedroom at my parents house the distance requirements would not be possible, which could potentially mean that Microsoft will miss out on a lot of sales.

Do you think that this six foot distance requirement will be a big issue?

Source: CVG

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  • warren

    i was the same no room i sold it out

  • i wuv kitties

    chicken nuggets?

  • richard

    on the videos there no way 6ft away from the sensor my full rooms depths about 9ft thats with nothing init lol

  • crazy_gamer

    great, now im gonna have to rearrange my whole damn room, gonna have to move the t.v to the back up to the wall. takes the piss, surely they should have made it with a larger camera frame angle

  • Kil43

    Looks like it's time to re-organise the lounge…