Italy to China In Driverless Vehicles: Live Tracking

Earlier today we offered a poll asking if we would trust a robot driving our car? which was relevant from the latest news that a driverless vehicle has set off on a journey that will take 3 months to complete. So we thought that we would look a little closer into this great achievement – well if the team pull it off.

A team of engineers from Italy has set up the project – the 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) journey begins in Italy and will end in China. This is a test to see if this kind of technology will be able to be used in the future – like it was with the cab in Total recall.

The two vehicles will be easy to spot; they are bright orange in color and will have a number of logos all along the side. For those of you who will not be able to see the two vehicles on their journey, then you can visit the viac.vislab for live tracking of both driverless vehicles.

Both vans are identical and will have a driver in each, who will take control in case of an emergency. A series of lasers and cameras will be tracking the road around the vehicles to make certain that they do not hit any obstacles, which will be hard to miss on the busy streets along the journey.

For more details on this story visit the Washington Times



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