Google Wind Power Deal: Should companies follow green approach?

Earlier today Alan Ng reported that Google had signed a deal that will see them buy their energy from an Iowa based wind farm. The 20-year deal shows means that the search engine giant will buy 114 megawatts of energy created by the wind farms – meaning that Big G has now entered the wholesale energy market.

Google knows how important it is for clean energy, but it is something that U.S. companies seem to struggle to come to terms with. A number of European countries already have a number of wind farms, such as the UK, but North America seems to have a hard time embracing this friendlier source of power.

Scott Morrison from WSJ explains that Google has not taken this decision just to try and make money – they have done it to safeguard themselves incase of any future increases in the price of electricity – something that concerns a number of their businesses in the U.S.

So we know that it is not just Google who wants to safeguard their money in the long run and have a smaller Co2 footprint, but Michael Kanellos has written an article on Wired offering 5 Reasons Why the U.S. has a tough time embracing this green tech.

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