Google Wind Power Deal: Farm powers Google for 20 years

It has been reported that Google has signed a 20-year partnership with a wind farm in Iowa,US to buy energy from them. The renewable wind power energy from the farm will give Google enough power to maintain several of their data centers.

As reported from PC World, Google’s senior vice president for operations, Urs Hoelzle, confirmed the news on the company’s official blog – which you can read in full here.

The deal will be a good business move for Google, while also improving their ‘green’ credentials. The deal will ensure that the company has access to 114 megawatts of wind power at a fixed price during the 20-year deal.

Here is what Hoelzle had to say on the matter: “This is a case where buying green makes business sense. By contracting to purchase so much energy for so long, we’re giving the developer of the wind farm financial certainty to build additional clean energy projects.”

What are your thoughts on this? At least they won’t keep getting hassled by Greenpeace now. Full report over at PC World.



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