Google Images New Design: Infinite Scroll, Type and Color Filters

By Jamie Pert - Jul 21, 2010

If you have used Google Image search today you may have noticed a few changes, this is because Google has recently updated the service and I must say some of the changes are pretty impressive.

One of the most noticeable new features is the new dense tiled layout, this allows you to see more images at once, not only this but there is also a new infinite scrolling feature, which basically allows you to keep scrolling down to see more images, rather than click on different page numbers, also using the Page Up and Page Down button allows for even quicker navigation.

Another very noticeable change is the new larger thumbnails, this should make it easier for you to see the image, not only this but if you hover over a particular image it will give you a larger preview, along with more information regarding the image and quick access to similar images.

Now when you click on the image you will see the image in full size, in the background is the website that the image is hosted on, if you click on the website in the background you can see the website instantly.

My favorite changes are the type and color filtering features, if you are looking for a particular color image you can choose a particular color filter, even black and white. Also you can filter what type of images show, such as face, photo, clip art and line drawings.

Head over to Google Images Search yourself and try it out. Are you impressed?

Source: GoogleBlog

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  • Vinnie C

    Previous setup was much easier. Most of my work involves searching on the internet, but Couldn't even scroll from one page to the other on Google Images, all i could see was about 25 images, so now i'm using yahoo. Google should go back to previous setup.

  • james

    Google & YouTube Both Fuckin Suck Now

  • guest

    HATE IT !

  • Starsky

    It is truly awful …. I hate it!

  • Oscar F

    I hate it! It´s time to change to Yahoo.

  • doug

    what Jorge said. put a check in the “hate it” column for me.

  • Kevin

    When I first saw it, I thought that it was just some crazy function of some site I was on. But then I cried in agony when I realized that it was the new layout. Beyond awful. Google needs to go back to the previous version.

  • Jorge (Argentina)

    People of Google don't fail really often, but when they do, they fail really bad. I hate the new design so much, and I can't find any option to switch back permanently to the basic design. OK, you can do it if you go to the bottom of the page and click "Switch to basic version" but it lasts till you close the tab/window. When you come back to Google images, there it is again… oh the frustration.

  • Don't like it either… can't see the image sizes right away, too cluttered and getting to the full size image seems to take forever. I click on full size and it waits for the site in te background to load before opening the image instead of skipping the loading…

  • waljoris

    The scroll of the new google image takes too long to fully download on an older computer. I'm starting to use Yahoo now.

  • Becky

    Just found out about the new image system. Hate it. It looks too cluttered. Just too many pictures on top of each other. Looks like a big mosaic painting. Any way to switch back to the old system???

  • jason

    Personally I hate the new Google image system. Google image search now brings up a cluttered disaster area, you have to hover over photos to find out info and if you navigate off of the search page you can't get back to where you left off in that mess. I have already started using Yahoo…