False Flag Cyber Attack: Risks

Talk of the internet being completely shut down and other electronic attacks have grown recently in some quarters due to agencies such as the government trying to control and restrict the internet. Reports claiming that the US could be brought down in 15 minutes with an “electronic Pearl Harbor” have had a lot of media coverage in recent times.

Steve Watson of is reporting that some people think a cyber attack could happen because of the interference with the internet. But a respected blogger and researcher – Evgeny Morozov – says most of the information about cyber attacks come from secret agencies that need to justify their own existence.

After the Cybersecurity Act was introduced last year by Senator John Rockefeller he also made claims about the risk of cyber attacks saying “Would it have been better if we’d have never invented the Internet?”

With large corporations like AT&T, Facebook and Google having specific government divisions, supplying the US intelligence agencies with hardware, software and tech support to create a vast closed database so global spy networks can share information, further fans the fears of a cyber attack.

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  • letschopcats

    NO, Steve Watson is reporting that some people think THE GOVERNMENT will launch a FALSE FLAG cyber attack as a pretense to shut down the internet. This is what a false flag is… attack yourself, blame someone else and get to shut down the internet thus gaining more control over it. Why was the most important part of the headline (FALSE FLAG) just IGNORED? The author of this article is trying to spread misinformation in order to deter you from finding out the truth. Look up FALSE FLAG.


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