Facebook Sex Addict: See Clive Worth on Video

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2010

Following on from our earlier report, which informed you that 62-year old Clive Worth was a self-confessed sex addict on social-networking website Facebook, we now have a video to show you, letting you see the man in question yourself.

Just to recap, Facebook has banned Worth, since he has used Facebook to find over 300 women, a hobby which Facebook deems unacceptable. However, Worth has again returned to the website under different names, even creating a profile as a women in order to attract more attention.

The documentary style video below gives you an insight into Clive’s life and his reasons why he became a sex addict. He sees it as a normal thing and believes that he will continue with this until he is 80 years old!

Watch the video here and let us know what you think of it. Is it a disease or just plain wrong?


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  • Clive Worth

    I am also on Twitter and a Author with 2 books out giving men dating tips, see my photos on Yahoo Flickr, Videos on YouTube & back on Facebook but as who or what, ha, ha.