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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Free-To-Play In Europe & 5000 Turbine Points

Turbine are expanding their operations in Europe and will finally make Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) free to play from August 20, with no monthly subscription required to play the ‘Unlimited’ English version of the game.

All European players can visit the official DDO website and download the ‘DDO Unlimited’ package to allow them full access to the game without having to pay a penny for the MMORPG.

Turbine also say that they are offering a free character transfer service to the new unlimited servers on day one, where they will also receive 5000 Turbine Points (nearly $50 in value) to purchase new character slots, premium content, and much more.

Turbine will be taking over from the previous owners Codemasters, who played as dungeon master to the D&D online servers in Europe, with Turbine also announcing an all new German and French service which will enter the beta stage before the year ends.

Have you ever played DDO? Will you give it a try now that it is becoming a free service?

Source: VG247 / Turbine


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