Driverless Vehicles: Would you trust a robot?

The idea of driverless vehicles is one that I dreamed of when I was a kid watching the original series of Knight Rider. We also got a taste of this in the movie Total Recall – and now it looks as though this could finally become a reality. However, I am not certain if I could fully trust a robot driving my car.

I do not believe I just said that, how do I get to my destination on a plane? – Autopilot that’s what. Still there is a huge amount of space up there, so chances of crashing into another plane are very slim. So why all the sudden interest with driverless vehicles?

It seems that a team of Italian engineers has managed to develop not one but two driverless vehicles, which will take part in a road-trip with a distance of 8,000 miles. Both vans will begin their journey in Italy and will end in China, according to The Washington Post; the trip will take 3 months to complete.

The technology used is not that complex, just a series of laser sensors and cameras to help navigate the car. Although the car will drive itself there will still need to be a driver inside – just incase something goes wrong and they have to take over. For more details on this visit our source link above.

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