Call of Duty: MW2 and Black Ops – Online will remain free

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2010

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, as we have an update from both Infinity Ward and Treyarch, relating to recent concerns of the possibility of subscription models for Call of Duty online play.

Both companies have confirmed that this WON’T be happening in the future. As reported from TheSixthAxis, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling issued a recent statement on Twitter clearing the air over the confusion.

Here is what he had to say: ‘No such plan exists for this or any other Call of Duty (including the upcoming Black Ops)’. This was backed up by Treyarch too, as Josh Olin also had a word to say on the matter:

“No, you will not have to ‘Pay to Play’ Call of Duty: Black Ops multi player either. Rumor -> Squashed.”

Good news then all around – we were starting to get worried for a moment. See what you almost did Pachter? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Stykylinks

    it cannot be played online,have tried for2 good hours

  • none your buisness!

    you insulting losers can kiss my *** becaus CODblack ops rules!!!!!!!!!!

  • austin

    all of COD is awesome

    • eric

      black ops is the best game ever

  • tyler

    black ops is beast

  • kyle

    it's frinken awesome you dont now ining than about black ops i now a lot of it you a online one you dont so shut up

  • don

    some people don't like black ops but i do

  • don

    i'm with nick

  • danielle

    is this really free? 🙂

  • black ops liker


    • tyler


  • sammei


  • nick

    blac ops is the best game ever made on the whole world so i dont know what all of you losers are saying to people.

  • jimmy

    nah black ops is the shit but my friend has been playing online for 3 days free and now it stopped working

    • nick

      oh good for you jiimmy nutron with the bigesst head ever thats you loser.

  • black ops hatter

    black ops online is crap mw2 is so much better

    • Mw2 hatter

      hahaha ya u wish lol what an ass hole

  • Rambosote

    For all the Noob tubers clomplaining about the game, sorry you suck at it stick a noob tube in your mouth and pull the trigger please we do not need you polluting our world with loosers like you and stop posting your complaints here dont buy the game.

    I for one was not gonna buy if i had to pay for Multiplayer now im definetly getting.

    Cry me a river elsewere loosers.

    • chris

      dont get mad at us cause u dont kn o how to play man just frikin stop playin just because u cant play as weel as others

  • darcy

    fucking so heckdeck

  • mw2sucksballs

    mw2 is a piss of shit run and gun noob game

  • entice

    thank god that online remains free fuck IW treyarch cares and it wont be never pay to play content never ever buying IW game they can go fuck them self really

  • michael

    wut up mon

  • michael

    i herd of it

  • mope 1

    u kisted pretty much every perk n weapon what would u like us all to do u bloody tampon if u dont like the game dont play it hacks happen glicthes r found go cry u tampon its a game

    Mope one


  • FPS-RPG-Fanboy

    I hardly play COD. But when I do play I play COD4 because MW2 online is such bull****. Black ops online better be good.
    If they ever charge us a sub to play I would never play a COD game ever again unless they make a worthy enough on-line COD game which would have to destroy Battlefields online experience.

    • getsome

      its not bull**** you just suck thats all. MW2 online rocks. And don't you complain about the camping. Because mindlessly running around and just trying to surprise people doesn't take much skill either.

      • Rob

        It is definatly a load of bull IW doesn't seem to care about, the endless streams of people with commando, painkiller, lightweight, noob tubes, danger close- one man army, rpg-noob tube-scavanger, secondary weapons that are better then primary, wall hacks, aimbots, auto uav and much more.

        • jeff

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        • jack

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        • marc

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    • Cod father

      Don’t talk shit cod is the best online game of all time . Full stop

    • albert hanna

      its awsome dude

  • Matthew

    Looks like someone pointed out the Kotiek how technacally difficult a mmo on the xbox would be. As for Bowling, that useless bell end is simply repeating what he's been told what to say.

    • eric

      it looks like you need a body bag looser

  • hmmm

    they will just charge £30 for every map pack thats all

    • alfred

      hey play online for free

    • jerry


  • Jake

    thank fricken heck

    • do

      You are right the game is Fuck!