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Bed Bugs: Exterminate with iPhone app

How many times did your mother say to you sleep tight don’t let the Bed Bugs bite? Who would have thought that all those years later you could be laying in bed with a cell phone playing a game called Bed Bugs? Those who own an iPhone or iPod Touch will be able to enjoy the game that has been popular since its release last year.

Once you start the game you will take control of a sleepwalker who has to navigate through his dream – be careful though as it is filled with nasty bed bugs that will make your skin crawl. You can help keep him safe by squashing the bugs by using the multitouch screen.

You can squash a number of bed bugs at once, but it will not be long before you get your fingers all crossed and fail the level. There are 28 different bad bugs that you will need to exterminate, so take you time and you should complete each level with ease.

Features include: 5 soundtracks, beautiful dreamscapes, great graphics and much more. The Bed Bugs from Igloo Games costs just $0.99, for more information visit iTunes



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