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Xbox 360 Kinect: UK Price Confirmed, Release Date Unknown

Following on from our previous report, which finally confirmed a $149 price tag for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect device over in the US, Microsoft has just confirmed a UK price for the motion sensing system.

As reported from VG247, you might want to cover your eyes, as it is not particularly pleasing news. For those of you hoping that it would be under £100 – think again. Microsoft has confirmed a £129 price for Kinect, while also giving details on some new bundles – more on that soon.

What are your initial impressions on the price? Personally, I think it is too expensive for the casual gamer. It is a bit strange that Microsoft have put this above £100, especially since they want to appeal to a much broader audience with Kinect – £129 is such a turn-off.

There is still no UK release date for Kinect yet, but everyone will get it in US on the 4th November – hopefully UK Xbox 360 owners won’t have to wait until next year.

Is it too expensive? – without a doubt.


  • scottishtougedrifter
  • sohail

    4ss rape. the ps3 move is p1ss cheap compared to the kinect and they had a BETTER demo at that gaming convention.

    not boding well even though i've already put a crisp £10 deposit on it

    • Deako

      Sohail – The PS3 Move is a piece a cr4p hence it’s price tag. For a start, you have to wave a cheap bit of plastic around (which looks like some sort of queer karaoke mic), where’s the innovation? The Kinect is far more superior so stop chatting rubbish!

      A lot of people are under estimating kinect, I think it will be worth the price tag.


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